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Better Bowl

Better Bowl Super Blend Meal Patty

Superfood For Super Dogs!

  • 4 Pre-portioned patties for your convenience
  • Better Ingredients: 16 raw, natural superfoods grown, blended, and packaged in the USA. No refined or artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or fillers. No animal byproducts, mystery "meat", grains, corn, soy, or gluten. Better Bowl's Super Blend Meal Patties are 100% natural!
  • Better Recipe: This limited ingredient diet (LID) is gentle on sensitive stomachs and dehydrated raw for natural preservation. This product contains no bone, no bone meal, and no gelitan. Feel confident knowing your dog has a full range of the nutrients he needs – high quality protein, vitamins A-K, a wealth of minerals, omega 3 and antioxidants!
  • Better Flavor: Better Bowl's Super Blend Meal Patties make a warm, instant-homemade, “just add water” meal you can serve your pup proudly.

Better Bowl Just Got Better!

With protein-packed whole eggs, heart-healthy flax, and a nutrient-rich blend of 13 fruits and vegetables, your dog's favorite raw, natural, and delicious Better Bowl meal blend is now even better!

Better Bowl's Super Blend Meal Patties are pre-portioned and micro-dehydrated for simpler serving and faster hydration.

No fuss, no mess, nothing processed or unnatural in here!

Just add one patty and ½ cup warm water (or canine safe broth) per 20lbs of dog weight. Your dog's warm and tasty instant-homemade Better Bowl meal is ready to serve in just 3 minutes.

Feel great about the meal your pup's eating. Better Bowl Super Blend Meal Patties make a perfect, versatile addition to any dog's diet:

  • JUST ADD WATER: for a tasty, nutritious meal.
  • TOP IT OFF: customize with your dog's favorite proteins, fruits, or veggies.
  • BASE BLEND: a perfect, nutrient-rich base blend for from-scratch canine diets.
  • SUPPLEMENT: rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega 3, a once-a-day serving is a great way to ensure adequate nutrition in your dog's diet.
  • TRAVEL/CAMPING: compact and lightweight, Super Blend Meal Patties are ideal for backpacking and travel.

Better Bowl

Better Bowl Super Blend Meal Patty

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