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Derma Chews - Nutritive Support Dog Chews FOR HEALTHY SKIN & FUR

Wide Spectrum Support: Linoleic Acid + Flaxseed + Safflower + Brewer’s Yeast + Vitamin E + Omega 3

  • Moisture: support with flaxseed oil, linoleic acid, and safflower oil
  • Balance: support with linoleic acid
  • Defense: support with vitamin E, flaxseed oil, brewer’s yeast, and omega 3
  • Renewal: support with linoleic acid
  • Strength: support with brewer’s yeast
  • Shine: support with safflower oil and flaxseed
  • No corn or soy
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No harsh chemicals or their risks
  • 60 chew treats with protein & salmon oil for support of skin and fur strength
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you don’t love it, we’ll refund it!

Potent Nutrition for Healthy Skin & Fur

With a potent, clinically-researched blend of nutrients, Derma Chews provide pets with beneficial support that’s safe and natural. No harsh chemicals and none of their risks! Just a delicious, naturally-flavored chew and soothing support for your dog’s healthy skin and fur.

Linoleic Acid: Diets deficient in this omega 6 fatty acid have been associated with skin scaling, hair loss, and poor wound healing. Supplementation supports healthy balanced skin and fur hydration, healthy defense against sores and hair loss, and healthy skin cell turnover and wound healing.

Flaxseed Oil: This humble superfood is one of the most potent dietary sources of omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acids are not only hydrating, but also known to support natural defense against free radicals and the inflammation they cause.

Safflower Oil: Studies suggest safflower oil may help support a healthful smooth feel to skin as well as hydration for both skin and hair. With natural circulation-supporting properties and rich oleic acid content, safflower oil also supports healthy fur growth and shine.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E helps support the body’s natural defenses against UV light.

Brewer’s Yeast: Rich in minerals and B vitamins, brewer’s yeast supplies a wide array of nutrients which are beneficial for the skin and fur. The selenium content in brewer’s yeast supports free radical defense, and healthy immunity. Meanwhile, its riboflavin (vitamin B2) content supports healthy collagen levels – important to the structural strength of skin and fur - and its thiamine (vitamin B1) content supports healthy skin and nutrient utilization in the body, as well providing defense against stress-related skin and fur issues.

Salmon Oil: With a potent dose of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids, salmon oil supports healthy moisture balance in skin and fur, UV defenses, and resistance to inflammation.

Protein: Necessary for the production of skin cells, keratin, and collagen, Derma Chew’s protein content helps support healthy skin and fur strength and elasticity.


Derma Chews - Nutritive Support Dog Chews FOR HEALTHY SKIN & FUR

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