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MoodBrite Tablets - Melancholy Mood Symptom Relief

For Safe, Temporary Relief of: Depressed Mood • Sadness • Low Motivation • Social Avoidance • Hyper-Sensitivity • Fatigue

  • Daily Depressed Mood Relief tablets help promote and maintain your optimal mood and energy levels
  • Natural Formula of 19 homeopathically prepared ingredients provide powerful relief for depressed moods, hypersensitivity, and fatigue while strengthening your body’s natural defenses to these symptoms
  • Gentle, Yet Potent ingredients build in the body over time for powerful relief without the risk of drowsiness, decreased libido, weight gain, or dependency
  • Formulated for Adults & Children
  • Easy-Dose, Fast-Melt Tablet Formulation
  • Love It or Your Money Back! Try MoodBrite risk-free for up to 60 days. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your order!*

Sadness is a burden that makes everything more difficult. Get the help you need and rediscover your optimal mood – naturally with MoodBrite!

How different would your day be if you woke up excited by its potential? If you looked in the mirror and smiled back at your reflection? If you walked into work feeling confident and optimistic? If you found yourself laughing through setbacks? If you could appreciate things as though they were brand new to you again?

In life, of course, maintaining that kind of positivity is not always easy. From the many small disappointments we encounter, to the biggest, most difficult life events we face, outside factors often work against us; grinding us down, depleting our energy... at times, leaving us struggling just to make it through.

MoodBrite is here to help.

With a blend of 19 natural homeopathically-prepared ingredients, MoodBrite's wide-spectrum formula is designed for potent relief of depressed mood, low motivation, and fatigue – without the risk of weight gain, decreased libido, or drowsiness! That’s because unlike the common lab-created chemicals which work against the body to stop symptoms, MoodBrite’s ingredients work with your body - gently, yet powerfully boosting your natural resistance to the depressed mood symptoms!

Strong enough for adult symptoms, yet gentle enough for teens and children - MoodBrite is naturally formulated for optimal efficacy and safety.

No harsh chemicals and no unpleasant pills to swallow - MoodBrite's naturally sweet, fast-melt tablet formulation makes dosing quick and easy.

Take a simple, proactive step for your mood today! MoodBrite’s blend of 19 natural homeopathic ingredients work with, not against your body for powerful relief that targets a full spectrum of depressed mood symptoms.

Active Ingredient Purpose
Aurum Metallicum Depressed Mood; Dark Thoughts; Heartbreak*
Anacardium Orientale Mental & Physical Fatigue; Dissociation (Feelings of Unreality); Melancholy*
Calcarea Carbonica Burnout; Discouragement; Low Willpower/Motivation*
Avena Sativa Self-Destructiveness; Insomnia; Impulsivity*
Carpinus Betulus, Flos Aversion to Work or School; Sluggishness; Fatigue
Cinchona Officinalis Apathy/Social Indifference; Irritability; Self-Neglect*
Hypericum Perforatum Impaired Memory; Depressed Mood; Shock*
Ignatia Amara Rumination/Cyclical Thinking; Grief; Social Aversion*
Kali Bromatum Impaired Memory, Excessive Guilt; Tearfulness/ Low Emotional Control*
Larix Decidua, Flos Low Self-Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Low Self-Efficacy*
Natrum Carbonicum Trouble Concentrating; Brain Fog; Pessimism*
Pulsatilla Homesickness; Hypersensitivity; Wallowing/Self-Pity Impulse*
Sepia Urge to Isolate; Loneliness; Hormonal Mood Imbalance*
Tabacum Overwhelm; Hopelessness; Restlessness*
Natrum Sulphuricum Mood Swings; Effects of Concussion/Brain Injury; Tearfulness*
Phosphorus Hypersensitivity; Anxiousness; Fatigue*
Cimicifuga Racemosa Depressed mood; Headache from worry
Phosphoricum Acidum Despair; Nervous exhaustion; Grief; Inability to think; Apathy
Sinapis Arvensis, Flos Depression; Sadness; Loss of interest

*Indications for temporary symptom relief are based solely on Homeopathic Materia Medica (HPUS) for self-limiting conditions. As an OTC homeopathic medicine, this product has not been clinically researched and is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by your physician. As with any changes you are considering making for your healthcare (including changes to diet, exercise routine, dietary supplements, or OTC medications) it is recommended you consult your physician before beginning treatment with MoodBrite.


Indications for Use: For temporary relief of symptoms commonly associated with depressive mood including emotional sensitivity, gloominess, discouragement, melancholy, sadness, disinterest and/or discontent, and feelings of self-condemnation, worthlessness, and hopelessness.

Caution: As an OTC homeopathic medicine, MoodBrite is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by your physician.

MoodBrite is made without alcohol and has no gluten added.

Active Ingredients

Anacardium orientale HPUS, Avena sativa HPUS, Aurum metallicum HPUS, Calcarea carbonica HPUS, Carpinus betulus, flos HPUS, Cimicifuga racemosa HPUS, Cinchona officinalis HPUS, Hypericum Perforatum HPUS, Ignatia amara HPUS, Kali bromatum HPUS, Larix decidua, flos HPUS, Natrum carbonicum HPUS, Natrum sulphuricum HPUS, Phosphoricum Acidum HPUS, Phosphorus HPUS, Pulsatilla HPUS, Sepia HPUS, Sinapis arvensis, flos HPUS, Tabacum HPUS

Inactive Ingredients: Advantol 300 (Copovidone, Crospovidone, Silicon Dioxide, Sorbitol), Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

The letters "HPUS" indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Each of the above ingredients contains equal volumes of 10X, 30X , & 200C potencies.


MoodBrite Tablets - Melancholy Mood Symptom Relief

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